Day162.jpgI love the view out of my office window. I enjoy gazing off into the distance towards Mount Pirongia, which is 27km away to the southwest of the city. I am captivated by the movement of cars and trains journeying to their destinations at the bottom of the road.
When I’m on my mobile, I often get out of my seat and watch the world go by my office. I’ve been known to get caught leaning on the window ledge, just pondering, considering, thinking. Across our driveway is a café. I’m sure that people must look up from time to time and wonder what the weird guy is doing just looking out the window. “Get a real job” they probably think.
Yet a huge chunk of my job is thinking. And thinking can be really really hard. But without thought we carry on through life without change.
Without change nothing improves.

I got reminded that I need to think more yesterday. To ponder more.

So today will be a day of …