Meet Andrew

Vivid Definition

I am first and foremost a leader.

As a leader I love to communicate and love the power of words. Leaders understand how important language is and craft words accordingly.

I have a few words I love more than others. The first ‘Freedom‘, I never want to take for granted the freedom I have. The second ‘Vivid‘, it describes how I want others to see my life, and the sort of leader I want to be.

My mantra is to “Lead a vivid life that does good

Founder, Social Entrepreneur & Director

I’m the founder of Agoge (a creative Human Resource company that genuinely cares about its people), a co-founder of Good Trust (who provides clean water to third world countries), and a founding trustee & chairperson of Social Innovation NZ (a uni student led charity that encourages entrepreneurial action for social good).


In what other life are you going to go all out, and give it your all?

I unconditionally believe in you. I know change is hard. It requires discipline, support and sometimes supernatural intervention. But change is possible.

As a high school dropout, trust me I know!

100% Human Being

I love being human. I love how some days we get it SO RIGHT, and other days we screw it up. I love how at the heart of humanity is our ability to learn and adapt and create. It’s my hope that as I learn, I get it more right than wrong, but all that said, often my views and thoughts wont be 100% right. Sorry in advance.

Because I’m human, I’m just like you really. I live in a house in Hamilton NZ, with my wife and 3 kids. I get to play entrepreneur / director by day and get to play taxi service to my kids by night. If you’re ever around Hamilton and asked my kids where I was during the day, they’ll tell you I’m at a cafe. They might be right. I drink a long-black.

Daily Photographer

I’ve been taking a photo every day for over 4 years of my life. It’s an amazing way of being able to reflect back on days you would otherwise have very little recollection of.

If you meet me, don’t be surprised if I ask to take your photo.

day281Shooting for your Goalsday214DoGood

9 thoughts on “Meet Andrew

  1. Hi Andrew

    I have gone through your 14 tips on applying for jobs. I really appreciate the points you have put across it really matters a lot for me as I am searching for a job. I was aware of some of the points you mentioned, most other tips are really helpful in knowing how to apply for a job.

    Vamshi Krishna. K


  2. Hi Andrew. I visited your site only because I saw it listed as an associate of Fishpond and I wanted to see what the Fishpond pop-up ads look like. I read some of your stuff and wondered who you are. I checked your about-me page and wondered why no- one has posted a comment for over three years, and realized I can help you to update the comments.


  3. Hi Andrew,
    What if any interest do you have in Agoge branches in other parts of the country (Auckland)? How often are your recruitment staff, supervisors or employees in the front line recognised, not just for performance statistics but for being caring, human beings who try to make a difference in the lives of their fellow workers. Showing up for one’s allotted shift on time & ready to work is obviously important but so is encouraging others to work smarter & safer NOT just faster. Thoughts appreciated.


    1. Hey Kate

      Thanks so much for your question. As the founder of Agoge I’m accountable for all the branches (including Auckland), but I am not that involved day to day with our staff who work on clients sites.

      It is fair to say that Agoge and our values are a ‘work in progress’ and we are far from perfect. We are very aware of conflict between the requirements of our clients and our desire to encourage our staff to be caring and to recognise the cool caring human beings who make a difference. I would love to hear any suggestions you have, so I’ll email you and start a one on one conversation.

      Thanks for your comment, sorry for the slow reply, I was away on leave.



  4. Good morning Andrew,
    I would like to use your picture 241 |365 Steamy Windows for my company on the website: . We are making a new page on the website about condensation on the windows in autumn and i like very much your picture. We would like also do send a mail to our clients about condensation with your picture.

    I’m Valentina Tedioli the graphic designer of the company.

    Kind regards : )


  5. Hi Andy

    You wouldn’t know me from a bar of soap but just thought I’d leave a wee comment…

    I stumbled across your blog after looking at your company website (Agoge) and then just carried on reading. And I just felt like saying “this is really awesome!”. I personally think people often take for granted the effort others put into things, and just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed exploring my way through your blog! Sorry if that sounds completely random, but keep up the great work 🙂

    God Bless

    David Holder


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