As a leader, what shadow are you casting in your organisation?

It’s funny how shadows can be good and bad. A person standing in the right spot to shield the sun from our eyes, is a good shadow. Yet the clouds maneuvering themselves in front of the sun on a bitter winters day, creates cold and dark shadows. As a leader I know I cast good … More As a leader, what shadow are you casting in your organisation?

364|365 Dead End

The tedious drive from Auckland turned into an expedition of sorts as I tried new ways home. Unfortunately heading down unfamiliar roads without a map can easily lead to a dead-end.In one such dead-end as the road narrowed I spotted a small cemetery and paused to take photo 364. Strolling around the bleak relics of other peoples memories for … More 364|365 Dead End

Days 361 to 363

361|365 Nephew – My Uncle Terry left a legacy in my life. He was an awesome uncle. His legacy is that I might be an awesome uncle to my nephews and nieces. (picture of Thomas and Jayden having fun)   362|365 The Mount – Back in Tauranga again and whenever I am there the ocean … More Days 361 to 363

Days 353 – 360

353|365 Beaten – Kyla's team (Rototuna Green) about to do the post game 'three cheers' after losing the playoff for 3rd/4th to the Te Rapa Dragons, who wait to shake hands.   354|365 Nothing – Almost no photo. An average photo of nothing for an average day of nothing   355|365 Salt Air – Love … More Days 353 – 360

347|365 My Dad – A poem by Talia read at Fathers Day Service at CBC.

347|365 My Dad – A poem by Talia (8) written and read at Fathers Day Service at CBC. 'Have you ever seen a grey haired man walking down the street?  Perhaps in work clothes going to buy himself a treat? Well I have! Did he look… Awesome, Amazing, Friendly, Competitive, Comforting and Special? That’s my … More 347|365 My Dad – A poem by Talia read at Fathers Day Service at CBC.

Days 345 – 352

345|365 Boarding time – Boarding an Air NZ ATR in Wellington, home for dinner after another 2 nights away.   346|365 Hockey 1, Hockey 2 – I remember back to my school days when hockey was played on a field. Nowadays it is played on Aquaturf and is almost an entirely different game. Faster, more … More Days 345 – 352

Days 338 to 343

338|365 Sydney – Awesome day with Kias and Tracey looking around Sydney. Picture of Karina and Tracey.    339|365 Bondi Beach – Karina and I explore Sydney and end up at Bondi Beach. The sand is amazing.    340|365 Married – Kias & Tracey Hafiz (with Hunter) just after their picturesque relaxed wedding in Sydney. … More Days 338 to 343

Days 331 to 337

Way way over due for update of 365 photos. Here are days 331 to 337 331|365 Old School – Even driving into St Paul’s feels prestigious, feels old school, feels old money.  332|365 Weeds – Sometimes love means weeding gardens without being asked.  333|365 Miracles – Talia doing the dishes and smiling. A miracle? ☺ … More Days 331 to 337

Empty | Winter Blues

Met, know and have heard of bundles of people, lately who are not themselves. Thy feel flat, down and maybe a little bit empty. Much of it I’m sure is the winter blues. Well, if you are one of those people I have a solution. At this time of year the playgrounds are practically empty. No … More Empty | Winter Blues

329|365 Colours

Picture a day without colour No colour in buildings or things we wear No colour in paint for art to smear No colour in the sun or sky above No colour in stuff we love Picture a day without colour And rejoice that today However grey Is filled with colour! [329|365 – I love how … More 329|365 Colours