Every Single Day

I’m not sure what caused the epiphany. Maybe it was the brief moment I had sitting in crisp fresh air marveling at the lake and mountains nestled in the Swiss Alps. Perhaps it was processing time from long hours of driving. Or something I was reading, I cannot recall. But on that day, I knew … More Every Single Day

As a leader, what shadow are you casting in your organisation?

It’s funny how shadows can be good and bad. A person standing in the right spot to shield the sun from our eyes, is a good shadow. Yet the clouds maneuvering themselves in front of the sun on a bitter winters day, creates cold and dark shadows. As a leader I know I cast good … More As a leader, what shadow are you casting in your organisation?

364|365 Dead End

The tedious drive from Auckland turned into an expedition of sorts as I tried new ways home. Unfortunately heading down unfamiliar roads without a map can easily lead to a dead-end.In one such dead-end as the road narrowed I spotted a small cemetery and paused to take photo 364. Strolling around the bleak relics of other peoples memories for … More 364|365 Dead End

Days 361 to 363

361|365 Nephew – My Uncle Terry left a legacy in my life. He was an awesome uncle. His legacy is that I might be an awesome uncle to my nephews and nieces. (picture of Thomas and Jayden having fun)   362|365 The Mount – Back in Tauranga again and whenever I am there the ocean … More Days 361 to 363

Days 353 – 360

353|365 Beaten – Kyla's team (Rototuna Green) about to do the post game 'three cheers' after losing the playoff for 3rd/4th to the Te Rapa Dragons, who wait to shake hands.   354|365 Nothing – Almost no photo. An average photo of nothing for an average day of nothing   355|365 Salt Air – Love … More Days 353 – 360

347|365 My Dad – A poem by Talia read at Fathers Day Service at CBC.

347|365 My Dad – A poem by Talia (8) written and read at Fathers Day Service at CBC. 'Have you ever seen a grey haired man walking down the street?  Perhaps in work clothes going to buy himself a treat? Well I have! Did he look… Awesome, Amazing, Friendly, Competitive, Comforting and Special? That’s my … More 347|365 My Dad – A poem by Talia read at Fathers Day Service at CBC.

Days 345 – 352

345|365 Boarding time – Boarding an Air NZ ATR in Wellington, home for dinner after another 2 nights away.   346|365 Hockey 1, Hockey 2 – I remember back to my school days when hockey was played on a field. Nowadays it is played on Aquaturf and is almost an entirely different game. Faster, more … More Days 345 – 352

Days 338 to 343

338|365 Sydney – Awesome day with Kias and Tracey looking around Sydney. Picture of Karina and Tracey.    339|365 Bondi Beach – Karina and I explore Sydney and end up at Bondi Beach. The sand is amazing.    340|365 Married – Kias & Tracey Hafiz (with Hunter) just after their picturesque relaxed wedding in Sydney. … More Days 338 to 343

Days 331 to 337

Way way over due for update of 365 photos. Here are days 331 to 337 331|365 Old School – Even driving into St Paul’s feels prestigious, feels old school, feels old money.  332|365 Weeds – Sometimes love means weeding gardens without being asked.  333|365 Miracles – Talia doing the dishes and smiling. A miracle? ☺ … More Days 331 to 337

Empty | Winter Blues

Met, know and have heard of bundles of people, lately who are not themselves. Thy feel flat, down and maybe a little bit empty. Much of it I’m sure is the winter blues. Well, if you are one of those people I have a solution. At this time of year the playgrounds are practically empty. No … More Empty | Winter Blues