Day161.jpgYou’ve heard of beer goggles right. The experience of allowing alcohol to somewhat taint a persons normal scale of attractiveness for the opposite sex.
Well maybe we don’t actually need alcohol to taint our view of people.
Maybe we allow our picture, our framing story of a person’s life to form an inaccurate view of a person we barely know. A wrong view no less.
Last night we had dinner with some friends and in the course of the meal we were chatting about one of our friend’s parents. I was really surprised to learn some cool and funky things about the dad. I have known that person from a far and never would have pictured him in the context I was told about. I was pleasantly surprised.
I think I do that more often than I care to admit.
It was as though I was looking through an orange bottle at a person. My framing story was wrong. My view was tainted.
161 | 365 Yesterday I forgot to take my camera with me, so this is a shot from my phone.