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Two stories about being uncomfortable

Personal growth starts by stepping out of your comfort zone.We were chatting with a friend last night who is doing a course in Distribution of all things. I say this purely because you wouldn’t have expected it. She was telling us how she is learning to drive a forklift and strap down a truck. She has also had to do numeracy & literacy assessments, that cause her to reach deep into the cobweb covered archives of her brain, and reignite her stored knowledge. And as she talks there is excitement in her voice. She is excited to be learning something new. Something outside her comfort zone.

At work at the moment we are going through the most significant and positive structural changes since I founded the company. I have a new role, as does Jim (we really needed to find him a new role after he gave his role as GM to someone else). Most of the leadership team are reporting to someone new. And a whole bunch of people are stepping up into new roles. People are nervous and excited. Terrified and ecstatic. Uncomfortable and challenged.

These two stories reminded me that growth is uncomfortable before it is rewarding.

Personal growth starts by getting uncomfortable.

They call it a comfort zone for a reason. Because its comfortable.

But when you are learning and growing and stretching yourself … it’s never that comfortable.

Maybe it’s time you got outside of your comfort zone.

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  1. Antoinette

    So true thanks Andrew!!