Yesterday I learnt how to cheat the church!

I'm serious. I went to the Global Leadership Summit and Andy Stanley said that he learnt to cheat the church and that we should learn to do the same. Anyway, as is the very nature of sort of day, we were subjected to a torrent of great leadership material. The challenge for me is now to incorporate my key lessons, into what I am being as a leader.

Bill HybelsLife Cycle of a Leader

"4 Statement grid for key leaders. They must have
    – Intelligence
    – Be Energetic
    – Have Relational IQ
    – Have a win or die spirit"

"If we lead well, people live!"

The life cycle of me as a leader (our influence) should go up and up to my dieing day.

Andy StanleyFocused Leadership
What he meant by cheat the church was that we shouldn't cheat our family of our time, rather we should cheat the church of our time. It wasn't a money thing.

We spend more time in our organizations because we love progress and because we are afraid.  If I don't it wont … is an example of being afraid.

I need to play to my strengths and delegate my weakness, and the less I do the more I can accomplish.

Jim CollinsWhen business thinking fails the church

Building something great is not a function of your circumstance; it is a function of your choices and discipline.

And this is reflective of my thinking this week, I need to ensure I continually develop to become a great leader and learn from other leaders.

BonoAn exclusive interview

I have always thought smack in the middle of a contradiction is a great place to be.

Stop asking God to bless what you are doing. Find out what God is doing because it is already blessed.

I am compelled to be generous with my resources. How can I lead others to do the same?