One talent children must have for jobs of the future.

In the past, most jobs were about manual labour. Back then strength and physicality won the day. Currently, the good jobs use your mind. Your brain, your creativity and your ability to think set you apart. As knowledge workers, the company basically pays us for our brains. Now, with Robots doing the manual work, and … More One talent children must have for jobs of the future.

As a leader, what shadow are you casting in your organisation?

It’s funny how shadows can be good and bad. A person standing in the right spot to shield the sun from our eyes, is a good shadow. Yet the clouds maneuvering themselves in front of the sun on a bitter winters day, creates cold and dark shadows. As a leader I know I cast good … More As a leader, what shadow are you casting in your organisation?

Tammy when I hear, Courageous or Aroha, I think of you.

To my friend Tammy, I will never forget asking you to ‘tell me your story’ in your interview for Agoge. Most people shy away from the question and lack authenticity, however your answer was powerful, rich and beautiful. Your words told of pain and tragedy. Your words spoke of love for your girls. Your words … More Tammy when I hear, Courageous or Aroha, I think of you.

Being the best.

I was honoured to hear a friend give a talk about being the best in everything she does. She spoke of what it means to be the best in her music, as a mum, for her boys and at agoge. Her words reminded me how striving to be the best is difficult and I was … More Being the best.

One question with Sam

Caught up for coffee with Sam who has recently returned from Hawaii for his summer holiday. So I asked him … “highlight?” The people. Definitely the people. I just loved spending time with the people, getting to know new people and having the time to listen to their stories. ‘He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata!’ (It’s … More One question with Sam

Hard Work

Alan McDiarmid, a Kiwi and Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, died today aged 79. I saw an interview with him last year on Campbell live and he said this quote " I am a very lucky person. And the harder I work, they luckier I seem to be" Alan McDiarmid – 2006

Teamwork: Backyard Soccer

"We did it Kyla, we got a goal!" Talia hollers with excitement after she kicks the ball between the trampoline legs that have become the goal posts for our backyard soccer game. Its kids verses Dad and there is a lesson in play for the girls. Its called Teamwork! Their tendency, their predisposition if you … More Teamwork: Backyard Soccer

Candidate for US President

Barack Obama is new face of the democratic party in the US. An article from the  Chicago Sun-Times leads with a story entitled "Evangelical? Obama's faith too complex for simple label Evangelical?" in which they asked him if he was an evangelical. His answer was quite cool. He continued his answer: "My faith is complicated … More Candidate for US President

A funny oxymoron

The camping ground that we are staying at as a strict no Alcohol policy. You CAN NOT bring alcohol onto the site. So imagine my surpirse when the hand gel in the toilets is alcohol based. You would think you could get a different kind of hand gel.

Family Holiday

Today we (the Nicol family) started a traditional kiwi holiday at Papamoa. OK, given the fact I am blogging from our caravan, maybe its not quite as traditional as kiwi holidays used to be.