Hard Work

Alan McDiarmid, a Kiwi and Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, died today aged 79. I saw an interview with him last year on Campbell live and he said this quote " I am a very lucky person. And the harder I work, they luckier I seem to be" Alan McDiarmid – 2006

Teamwork: Backyard Soccer

"We did it Kyla, we got a goal!" Talia hollers with excitement after she kicks the ball between the trampoline legs that have become the goal posts for our backyard soccer game. Its kids verses Dad and there is a lesson in play for the girls. Its called Teamwork! Their tendency, their predisposition if you … More Teamwork: Backyard Soccer

Flying an Alpha 160A

"It is like climbing into a new car when you have been used to driving a car that is 25 years old." citied Roger (CFI) when I asked him about the new Alpha 160A (R2160) that the Waikato Aero Club has replaced the Cessna 152's with. A week or so later he is proven correct … More Flying an Alpha 160A

John Keys Speech

This is a part of John Keys speech yesterday. My father died when I was a young child. I do not remember him.I was raised, along with my sisters, by my mother, in a state house in Christchurch. Back then I thought I was poor and, by most standards, we were. As I grew up, … More John Keys Speech

The perfect cafe

I have blogged before about the interactive mocca that you buy from the 'Naked Grape' in Tauranga. Well, now I have found an interactive Muesli in Hamilton. It's a new cafe that opened in Te Rapa called AGIO, which is Italian for 'relax'. It does average coffee, but a great Muesli. Check out the photo … More The perfect cafe

Wasted Food.

By means of introduction, a gobblelygook is a device that sits in your sink, that you run water through and it mashes up the food into waste water. From there it is mixed with all sorts of waste water delights like #1’s and #2’s and other stuff and pumped to the sewage treatment plant. In … More Wasted Food.

Authentic Community

Last Thursday after we got into the Fast 50, I took a few people from work out to dinner with me to celebrate. At the table was Hav who just has an immense passion for agóge; Rob jnr who has such a detail mind and who keeps so many things I hate doing on track; … More Authentic Community

Lost for words

We have all seen the Oscar's or MTV awards. Someone gets an award that they just didn't expect and end up babbling into the microphone about nothing. I have, in my own opinionated way, thought it was bizarre that these stars would speak publicly so badly. Anyway last Thursday a group of us went to … More Lost for words

Buying Time

I apply the brakes and decelerate for the booth ahead. An oldish graying lady slowly opens the booth window and greets me very pleasantly for 6am. Handing over a dollar coin is eventually followed by the barrier arm rising and my accelerating off down Route K towards Tauranga City. I am quite sure I it … More Buying Time