Compassion is the only acceptable response

Disappointed? Yes.    Appalled? Often.   Outright angry? Sadly. This describes some of my emotions as I’ve read various opinions in the weeks following the Christchurch mosque shootings. Christians up in arms about the call to prayer; a Hamilton City Councillor suggesting we “move on”; criticism of wearing the hijab; Katie Hopkins ranting from the … More Compassion is the only acceptable response

Is chasing security really going to change the world?

In your job; at school; when at home; or even in your relationships … are you seeking security or impact? Security equals safety and stability. It’s the status quo that is free from the fear of change. Impact on the other hand is a forceful word. Think collision. It’s influence. Change. And forward momentum. To … More Is chasing security really going to change the world?

‘Kinstugi’ the art of turning Brokenness into Beauty.

‘Kinstugi’ is the Japanese word that describes the art of repairing broken ceramics with gold. This art form is wonderful in the way it takes something that is broken, destined to be rubbish. And restores it. With gold ! Once repaired, it is considered more beautiful for having been broken. ∴ Often brokenness from our … More ‘Kinstugi’ the art of turning Brokenness into Beauty.

If you could relive this week, what would you do differently?

This one simple question could radically change your upcoming week. If you could relive this week, what would you do differently? At work. Or at home. Mentally. Physically. Spiritually. Financially. What would you do differently? Now note down one, or two, or three things and plan to do them in the week ahead. ∴ I … More If you could relive this week, what would you do differently?

Freedom is never free

Freedom is never free. Freedom comes at a cost. Many many people have died that we might have the freedoms we enjoy. And one man died that we might have the freedom we where created for. Easter and Anzac together. A reminder how blessed we are to be free.

176 | 365 Salt

Growing up in Tauranga you become accustom to salt water. You know the bitterness of its taste and feel the dryness of your skin after a day sailing. You see stains it leaves on the windows of your car, and the corrosive power of salt water to destroy objects over a period of time.   … More 176 | 365 Salt

I hope you rest!

It was a beautiful evening and I left Auckland amongst the heavy Friday traffic and made a bee line for Tauranga. Well actually it wasn’t so much a bee line as a zigzag. Nevertheless I head south and choose my route carefully, using my local knowledge to the best of my advantage to reduce precious … More I hope you rest!

Some Easter heresy?

Since its Easter I thought I would share two notions that have spun around in my mind over the last week. Awe… I love going for a ralk (part run, mostly walk) by the river. I love the fresh air, the smell from the wet autumn leaves and the sunshine that breaks through the natural … More Some Easter heresy?

Candidate for US President

Barack Obama is new face of the democratic party in the US. An article from the  Chicago Sun-Times leads with a story entitled "Evangelical? Obama's faith too complex for simple label Evangelical?" in which they asked him if he was an evangelical. His answer was quite cool. He continued his answer: "My faith is complicated … More Candidate for US President

A review of my blog

"In short I thought I would start shouting into the wind…" And with those words my blog began. Like most things in my life my blog has proven to be random, distracted thoughts. It comes and goes depending on my mood and has had three major changes to its look and feel. It will continue … More A review of my blog