Time in China

A friend of mine has just spent a couple of weeks there teaching to churches in China. He was telling me how he had dinner with his parents in Auckland, a day later he wakes up in a hotel in Shanghai, and just a day after that they are woken from their sleep in a … More Time in China

Old & New

My MP3 player was blasting music through earphones as I return to my cruise speed after slowing for Waharoa. The old Honda that I was bringing back from Tauranga doesn't have an AUX plug for these modern fan dangled devices. It doesn't have cruise control or nifty paddles on the steering wheel to change gears … More Old & New

The week ahead?!

I wonder how people who just get through life plan? Do they plan to just get through another week or do they merely allow it to happen. I am sure that some people would argue that planning makes life boring and tiresome, zapping all the spontaneity and fun from things. For me I have to … More The week ahead?!

Potato Plates

What is a potato plate? "Potatoes, on their journey from spud farm to French Fry, are blasted with water, washed, scrubbed, and at 120kph, pushed through a tube fitted with a series of knives. The waste water from this is full of starch from the cut surfaces of the Potatoes. The starch is extracted and … More Potato Plates

And the winner is …

My excitement at the prospect of a day being drilled for information was at an all time high. I mean how could I not be excited, reviewing documents, reviewing the documents again, answering questions about the documents, and then putting spin, spin and more spin on things. Ooh, I couldn't wait! You have to admit … More And the winner is …

An Entrepreneur and Manager turn up for dinner at Nicolini’s

Firstly I have to rant about going to Nicolini's on Cuba Street in Wellington last night. It had been a few years. The atmosphere was splendid, the Italian food was sensuous and complimented stunningly by the merlot. It was a great relaxing evening, shame that Alf & Jared had to put up with my company. … More An Entrepreneur and Manager turn up for dinner at Nicolini’s

Leadership and Clouds

Ah, the dreaded flight from Hamilton to Christchurch. 1 hour 50 min in an ATR, go you good thing! I dread and love this flight for so many different reasons. This morning we hit 21,000 ft with a head wind and all the eye could see was an endless, thick and undisclosing cloud. Hidden and … More Leadership and Clouds

Back in the real world

You have been there. A great relaxing, refreshing, head clearing day, and then BANG back into the real world. The kids started the day hounding me to make pancakes for breakfast, a Sunday morning ritual, I conceded. It was nice to sit around the table and have breakfast together. We headed off to do some … More Back in the real world

My Kids

I just needed to say that I love my kids so deeply. I don’t talk about them like that very often. Kyla has the same love language was me. She loves to be held and cuddled. Last night I was lying on the couch, and she comes and lies on top of me. She does … More My Kids