You have been there. A great relaxing, refreshing, head clearing day, and then BANG back into the real world. The kids started the day hounding me to make pancakes for breakfast, a Sunday morning ritual, I conceded. It was nice to sit around the table and have breakfast together.

We headed off to do some clothes shopping, and I managed to buy some new jeans. I am trying to overcome the "baggy pants" statement that kicks around work. Shame I didn't buy any work clothes. While we were there we bumped into Rob and family. Tracey thinks I look like a criminal with my #1 clipper cut, that was hardly kind!

Started reading the book 'through painted deserts'. I have already borrowed a line of his in yesterday's blog. It is a relaxing and distracting read.

This week brings a heap of stress. Some very big decisions to be made around people this week, and 2 huge accreditation processes on the go. It wasn't planned this way, but there you have it. This week will in many ways be one of the greatest tests of my leadership to date. I long to do the right thing. I desire and need wisdom greater than mine. I need to be strong and courageous, and I still have all the decisions I put off yesterday to deal with.

It will be a telling week.