I wonder how people who just get through life plan? Do they plan to just get through another week or do they merely allow it to happen. I am sure that some people would argue that planning makes life boring and tiresome, zapping all the spontaneity and fun from things.

For me I have to plan to prevent a new found mental disorder, distraction. Maybe I have ADHD that would explain a few things (random, distracting). It's weird but the weeks that I don't plan are the weeks that I come away feeling like I just got through, rather than lived. Planning weekly helps me to refocus on what I really want to be and achieve, it helps me to focus on what is WILDLY important and to some how try and achieve balance in my life as if there is such a thing. To be honest I really don't like the word balance, I think of it as two kids on a seesaw suspended momentarily at a point of blissful equilibrium. Each one must stay completely still least, the change in weight sends one skyward and the other to the ground.

Trying to find balance often feels that way. Just when I think I am there some slight event happens and wobble becomes the order of the day. That's what happened today, I planned to do a few things and the only thing I ticked off was myself. That's not to say I didn't have a productive day, it was just productive in different ways.

I have heaps more to say on the subjects of wobble, balance and seasons. All stories for another day.