And the winner is …

My excitement at the prospect of a day being drilled for information was at an all time high. I mean how could I not be excited, reviewing documents, reviewing the documents again, answering questions about the documents, and then putting spin, spin and more spin on things. Ooh, I couldn't wait! You have to admit you would be about as excited as a four year old off to the dentist.

So this morning before we went, I cut the numbers just a couple more ways just for the hang of it. You would think I'd learn, but well yeah you'll get used to me. Cherie arrived (5:30am), Rob left (had a 5am meeting with him) and we packed off for Auckland and our BIG audit for one of the accreditation processes of the week. Anyway the dentist wasn't at all that bad, and thanks to all the work Cherie has put in, we passed and passed stunningly well!

So anyway back to the big fight, in the red corner Andrew the Entrepreneur, and in the blue corner Andrew the Manager. Who will win? Will Mr Risk or Mr Conservative win? Yip once again it was Andrew the Entrepreneur. Couldn't help myself, I believe passionately in our mission, and what we stand for. I know my team are prepared to fight to win, and that the intelligence and leadership in our business will pull it off.

So the winner is neither Mr Entrepreneur or Mr Manager. The winner is team Agoge!