Potato Plates

What is a potato plate?

"Potatoes, on their journey from spud farm to French Fry, are blasted with water, washed, scrubbed, and at 120kph, pushed through a tube fitted with a series of knives. The waste water from this is full of starch from the cut surfaces of the Potatoes. The starch is extracted and in doing so it returns clean water to be reused by the Potato processor, and dried Potato starch to be used by us in the making of our Trays and Plates!" (www.potatoplates.com)

Why do I ask?

Because yesterday in a moment of sheer brilliance (with the aid of financial reward) I managed to Image_00082b get Jim to eat 2 of them. Daniel (better know as denial) cooked us an awesome pasta dish for lunch, and provided potato plates. Well, us being the kind of people we are, started tasting the plates, and before long I was looking for the one of the younger guys to substantiate himself and elevate his position in potato plate eating rankings!

Jim finally took the honours. I am quite sure he was the only person on the whole planet of earth to eat 2 potato plates yesterday. Gee that would be something to write home about!

Cost of medical advice to get unblocked – TBA

Cost of getting Jim to eat the plates – I'd rather not say

Cost of 2 paper plates – 36c

Yet another wacky day at Agoge – Priceless