353|365 Beaten – Kyla's team (Rototuna Green) about to do the post game 'three cheers' after losing the playoff for 3rd/4th to the Te Rapa Dragons, who wait to shake hands.

354|365 Nothing – Almost no photo. An average photo of nothing for an average day of nothing

355|365 Salt Air – Love the beach, love the salt air, it invigorates me and ignites my grey matter and helps me think and helps me pray.

356|365 Flood – Beyond the picnic table, completely below the water is the jetty I often sit on and have my lunch. You can see a picture of the same spot in my Day Zero picture

357|365 Growing Up – This is Kyla in her school production (Jacob her cousin is in the background). As I sat and watched I realised that my Daughters are growing up. Very very scary!

358|365 Moon – Not a great shot, but the moon always amazes me.

360|361 Bubble – Some people live there life in a bubble. Not saying Keren does though.

359|365 Lightning – Huge lightning and thunder storm on Friday night in Hamilton. Love my new camera made this shot easier to the point of cheating.