I remember sitting at a camping ground in Papamoa after days of scourging sunshine. The kind of sunshine that you dream of for summer, but after weeks it has dried the ground so much around us, everything had turned to dust. Over the course of the day the wind changed. Slowly, unnoticeably to most, but a significant enough change to indicate the weather was changing.

The next day, as we packed the drizzle arrived and after we departed the rain set in. When you grow up around the ocean, particularly sailing, you learn what the winds of change are.

My final photo for the 365 project on the 23 September was of a wind sock.

I took it for three reasons;

Firstly, to remind me how I still long to
be in the airborne. In 365 days I missed the opportunity to pilot a plane as a
private pilot. I continually look at the sky and long to fly.

Second, to remind me of how windy it was in September. It’s windy every year around the equinox but most people forget that we get windy weather as the winds of change signal a season change.

Finally, personally I feel like the winds
of change are blowing. I am not sure where the metaphorical weather will lead me, but change after 365 days, is in the wind. I can feel it.

So ends 365 days of photos. 365 days of my life.

What’s next?