361|365 Nephew – My Uncle Terry left a legacy in my life. He was an awesome uncle. His legacy is that I might be an awesome uncle to my nephews and nieces. (picture of Thomas and Jayden having fun)

362|365 The Mount – Back in Tauranga again and whenever I am there the ocean pulls me to it, just as gravity ultimately draws this bird back to earth. Jim and I used to talk about living in Tauranga and how if we lived there we probably wouldn't go to the beach as often. We were right, Jim now lives in Tauranga, and I live in New Zealands largest inland city. I go to the beach more often than he does.

363|365 Cows – The 365 project of a person living in the Waikato would simply not be an accurate picture of life, without a picture of a cow. I noticed today that it has the number 361 one, maybe I should have taken this photo two days ago.