Shame and failure

“Failure’s not fun. But failure is required. Failure in the service of learning, of experimenting, of making things – this is essential. When you’re learning to walk, no one criticizes you when you fall down. Parents understand that you do it wrong and then you do it right. But that’s about the last time you … More Shame and failure

Is chasing security really going to change the world?

In your job; at school; when at home; or even in your relationships … are you seeking security or impact? Security equals safety and stability. It’s the status quo that is free from the fear of change. Impact on the other hand is a forceful word. Think collision. It’s influence. Change. And forward momentum. To … More Is chasing security really going to change the world?

Do you have a minute?

I hate running on a treadmill! Nothing does my head in quite as much as watching minute after minute tick by, while I stay in one place and move exactly nowhere. It’s funny how one minute can feel like a blink of an eye, but when things are moving slowly or you are watching a … More Do you have a minute?