What is important to me?


I wonder what important parcels or documents are on board this DHL plane? I am sure that somewhere a person waits for the arrival of a parcel, that is possibly the most important thing in their life right now.

At the conference, most of the speakers felt like they had something important to say. They have important jobs, and it was critical they get their learning across.

Important comes from the word import. To import means to ‘bring in’. We can tell what is important in our lives by the things we ‘bring in’. What we buy, how we spend our downtime, who we talk to, all indicate the things we think are important.

Lets be honest for a moment. Important focuses on ME!

Exportant is not a word but maybe it should be. It would mean to ‘give out’. Maybe our lives should be measured less by what we bring in and more measured by what we give out.

Then how we spend our money, our downtime and how we talk to people, would be focused on what we give out, rather than what we bring in.

Then we would be exportant.

And most probably what we actually do, would become genuinely important.