Just before summer last year I decided to spray my lawns for weeds. I used what I thought was the right spray for the job “Weed Out”. I was wrong. It killed everything (except the patches I missed) and we spent the summer with a dead lawn.

I’ve been wrong before you know. Wrong decisions; wrongly reading people; wrong answers; wrong opinions; and wrong actions. Wrong!

And I will be wrong in the future. I know that, so will you.

But right now, at this very minute, I can’t think of one single thing I am wrong about. Nothing.

In the present we behave like we are right about everything. We believe that everyone else is wrong and we are right. We know we have been wrong before, and will be wrong again. But right now we are right!

Maybe we would do well to remember we could be wrong. Wrong in hundreds or thousands of ways. Maybe if we remember that we could be wrong, maybe it would open our ears and eyes to other views and ideas and ways.

Maybe if we did that, we could become right quicker.

Despite all that, at this moment I am still right about everything I can think of.

You of course have a different view.  And I’d agree with you … but then we’d both be wrong.