Creating original thoughts from stolen colourful ideas


Knowledge and creativity are spinning so fast that it’s hard to know if that latest idea I have is actually mine, or someone else’s.

Its almost as though this latest drop of an idea is merely a colourful addition, to an existing artwork.

After all, is there any such thing as an original idea? Or is that an original thought an extension of someone else’s?

I think that all of our creativity, all of our ideas, all of our experiments, are shaped by someone else.

I think that one creation builds on another. I read something and it steps me toward the next thought. Someone reads my thought and it steps them towards their next creation.

It is as though all of our creativity, the words we use, the art we form, even the devices we make, are shaped by other people.

That’s why I get annoyed when people think they aren’t creative, or worse when people feel like someone has stolen their idea.

Issue 1: To be creative you need to be learning, reading, absorbing from some place other than TV. To many people don't learn and then think they aren't creative. Wrong.

Issue 2: To many people try to protect their ideas and think they are original thought. This stops other people learning and creating something better than your idea. Dumb.