There I was waiting. Killing time, hanging around for my appointed time at the doctors. Having parked myself on a padded bench seat not much more comfortable than an old church pew I search for something to read.

I flick through a readers Digest (June 2007) and discover an article about the most trust New Zealanders and Brands.

Top Brand is Cadbury, which is interesting because unlike Whitakers they don’t make “good honest chocolate”. In the bottom slot at number 25 was Palmolive. A couple brands of interest to me are New Zealand Post at #14 (a number I am sure they would like to improve), and Farmers at #24 (which actually really surprises me given their history).

Anyway the #1 most trusted person in NZ in June 2007 was …#1 Sir Ed (No surprise). He rates above Sir Peter Snell (#4), Queen Elizabeth (#19), Sam Morgan (#30), Helen Clarke (#58 ironically the most trust politician), Matthew Ridge (#71).

Now of the 75 people who were on the list, who do you think is at number #75? None other than Bishop Brian Tamaki.


Want to say more but wont.

Makes you think a little about what it is that make people trust you or your brand.

I think words like consistent, authentic, connected, reliable and considerate would come to most people’s minds.

These are words that normal kiwi’s don’t associate with politicians or Palmolive or Brian Tamaki.

I am sure they all think they are trustworthy its just people don’t believe them.

If people don't believe your message. They dont trust you.