How to get promoted!

“What did you do to get promoted?” she asked, hoping for a leadership gem.  “I got lucky” I said, knowing it wasn’t the whole answer. I had just been sharing about the period of my life where I went from being a courier to a senior manager in New Zealand’s largest courier company over a … More How to get promoted!

Great Leaders Flip-Flop!

It’s election year. This means you will hear two phrases in the media over the next 6 months. They are the terms “flip-flop” and “U-turn”. The media is exceptionally good at spotting a flip flop or U-turn in the opinion of a candidate. While keeping the politicians ‘honest’ is important, I get concerned when the … More Great Leaders Flip-Flop!

I can’t imagine war

I can’t imagine what it’s like to go to war. I can’t imagine having the courage to leave my family. To say goodbye to those I love. I can’t imagine being shipped off to some distant land to fight for people you don’t know. I can’t imagine long periods in trenches. In jungles. On battlefields. Bored. Exhausted. … More I can’t imagine war

Letting Go

“You don’t understand,” I said partly in jest, “It has nothing to do with their fear of change. It’s ALL my own insecurities.” As soon as I heard the words leave my mouth, even though I was meaning them to bring humour, I knew they were true. I was trying to work out what my … More Letting Go

Freedom is never free

Freedom is never free. Freedom comes at a cost. Many many people have died that we might have the freedoms we enjoy. And one man died that we might have the freedom we where created for. Easter and Anzac together. A reminder how blessed we are to be free.

294 |365 Stop the car

I love how my team put up with my somewhat eccentric 365 photo project habits. Driving into Wellington after a fleeting trip to Christchurch and Wendy graciously stops the car so that I can get my photo of the day.   I couldn’t miss it. I mean how often do you get to Wellington with … More 294 |365 Stop the car

278 |365 Energy

Energy amazes me. Take coal or gas and set fire to it (energy), convert that energy to electricity (energy), turn on a switch at home and the heater comes on (energy). In the industrialised world, using unsustainable fuels were the norm. Then they built huge power stations like this one at Huntly. After all you … More 278 |365 Energy

178 | 365 Art

When your kids are 3 they are all artists. Regardless of how recognisable their drawing is we encourage them over and over again as they mass-produce their drawings and scribbles and … art.   By 10 many kids will realise that they don’t draw as well as other kids and by the late teens, you … More 178 | 365 Art

The year ahead…

I think there is little doubt that the economy is slowing.  Christmas spending, and therefore transport volumes, where very late. Figures just out from show that Retail EFTPOS transactions are down in January. Add to that an election year and high fuel and interest rates and it can only but slow down. This is further … More The year ahead…