Attack that author and you attack me!

I’m reading a book at the moment by an Author that I respect and who’s books I have enjoyed a lot in the past.

In this current book he takes about one paragraph to have a go at authors (generally) who promote routine feeding of babies and wraps it some psycho stuff about a baby needing love not enforced routine.

I immediately start to write off the author. I start to think, “what would he know”, “psychological rubbish”. I stop reading.

Stop hearing his message.

I don’t take it in.

All because of one paragraph in a book of 300 pages.

As I considered this tonight on slow drive home from Auckland Airport I realised this: I am writing him off because by attacking these authors, he is actually attacking me.

I stop listening because he has said something is wrong with something I have done.

Something that has worked for me.

Something I believe in.

Just 1 paragraph which is not the theme of the book, just his option, and he is written off (well almost).

Interestingly, I am sure I do this to people all the time in conversation. Have a dig at a world view that a someone they respect has communicated and by attacking the world view, I attack the person I am talking to.

I attack their belief.

They stop listening.

I am not sure I can stop having an opinion but it is worth thinking about.