The hidden power of belief

I was reading a study where people were given the opportunity to buy the exact same pain-killer, but packaged in different ways and costing different amounts of money. They then followed up to see which drugs worked more effectively, and discovered that the more expensive the drug, the better people ‘believed’ it worked. Think about … More The hidden power of belief

Do you have a minute?

I hate running on a treadmill! Nothing does my head in quite as much as watching minute after minute tick by, while I stay in one place and move exactly nowhere. It’s funny how one minute can feel like a blink of an eye, but when things are moving slowly or you are watching a … More Do you have a minute?

What’s your body telling you? Is it time you listened?

It was a pain in the neck, quite literally, the project that I was working on. The tension in my neck and shoulders were leading towards a lovely mid-afternoon headache. I thought about opening my bag to retrieve some Nurofen or Panadol, but instead I asked myself a question. What’s your body telling you? My … More What’s your body telling you? Is it time you listened?