Great Leaders Flip-Flop!

It’s election year. This means you will hear two phrases in the media over the next 6 months. They are the terms “flip-flop” and “U-turn”. The media is exceptionally good at spotting a flip flop or U-turn in the opinion of a candidate. While keeping the politicians ‘honest’ is important, I get concerned when the … More Great Leaders Flip-Flop!

Stopping unintentionally

A few weeks ago three people, over the course of a week, reached out to ask why I wasn’t blogging? One example is from a young reader who private messaged me, “I was just wondering what happened with your blogs – I really enjoyed reading them” I looked back and saw I hadn’t blogged in … More Stopping unintentionally

How we steal peoples time

I’ve always loved the quote from Blaise Pascal who says, “I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.” Nowadays ‘this‘ can be… Videos, Emails, Reports, Blogs, Podcasts, PowerPoint, Public speaking, And even one on one conversations. The best of these are short and punchy. And its … More How we steal peoples time

282 | 365 Meals

I think having meals together in each other’s homes is dramatically undervalued. Over the years I have come to love having people at our place for meals. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out for dinner, but at home we, our guests included, tend to relax more, talk more openly, and be more authentic. … More 282 | 365 Meals

175 | 365 Numbers

Numbers are a strange part of our business and society. Even if you’re not a ‘numbers person’ and hated math, you generally spend a significant amount of time dealing with numbers. When a baby is born the question straight after their name and sex is generally, ‘how heavy?’ From then on numbers are the measure … More 175 | 365 Numbers