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Royal Albatross Centre

While down south Karina & I visited the Royal Albatross Centre.

I was blown away by two things.

1) The distance and speed these birds fly. One Bird calked Toroa (with GPS tracking) flew from Dunedin to South America. Top speed 109 km per hour, and did 1020km in one day.

2) The rubbish that is in our oceans. Picture one is taken of a dead Albatross chick that was found, and the rubbish in its gut. Picture 2 is the rubbish arranged in a mural. (click to enlarge images)

Mural_chick_1 Mural_chick_2

Thanks to Kate at the Royal Albatross Centre for the picture of the Albatross Chick.

The month that was…

Firstly Kevin Carroll author of the Red Runner Ball, did a shoutout about my very out of date block. You can read it here. http://kevincarrollkatalyst.com/index.php/blog/shoutout_thursday/

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1OHz0zJaWg&hl=en]

I was blown away, and humbled that Kevin, wrote about me. The net and social networking perplex me alot.

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A Vision of wrong

"With out a clear vision of what wrong looks like, you and your workforce have to deal with the pain of doing something hard and often painful without knowing why"

Change to Strange- Pg 173

Strategy is externally focused

Because strategic direction defines the nature of the desired relationship between a business and its customers, objectives are only strategic when they lead to outcomes that are recognised by customers. Strategy objectives, therefore, are always externally focused. Internal objectives – creating better employee involvement, or becoming one of the best work places in America – do not qualify as strategic objectives unless they create changes that are recognised by customers. Businesses should not neglect internal improvements, but, in order to be strategic, internal improvements should be directed at improving performance in ways that are noticeable to customers.

Real Time Strategy pg 67

The week that was…

A sad week this week. Went to the funeral of my uncle Terry. He was my Mum’s only living immediate family member and an awesome uncle. Craig and I spoke at the funeral.

As I reflected on his life I know that his life challenges me to be a great uncle. One that takes a genuine and unique interest in my nephews and nieces.

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My mood generally is good, but overloaded. Need to work out what I can stop doing…  Problem is I have a huge week ahead.

US marines debrief questions

– What was our intent?
– What actually happened?
– Why did that happen?
– What can we learn from those events?
– What actions should we take now in prepartion for the future, similar events?

Extraordinary leader pg 218

Excess baggage here I come – Melbourne Day 2

MelbourneobdeckWent exploring this fine city, caught a wrong train, missed a bus and walked for about an hour. Oh well. The buses trains and trams are an amazing network. I suspect if you know where you are going rather than just following your nose they would work a heap better as well.

Late yesterday afternoon I went to the Melbourne Observation Deck (tallest building in Australia). Stunning views and a beautiful day. And I finally worked out which way North is so I will do heaps better today.

Oh and I brought some books. 22 of them in fact (15 for me). I was worried at one point that they might have to physically remove me at closing time.

I know 15 books sounds excessive, but they are books you simply don’t find in NZ and I am not here often.

Today I have a rental car and am going to the freight expo. I ran out of time to get to an automated sorting depot yesterday.

Melbourne Day 1

Got into Melbourne around 6pm on Sunday night. Immediately I noticed the infrastructure. They actually have a motorway that goes from the airport to the city without have to drive through the suburbs, unlike Auckland!

Secondly I noticed the architecture, both old and modern. It is astounding and visually cool.

Yesterday I caught the train to Caulfield and spent the whole day at the careers day at Freight week so haven’t really explored yet.   

Then last night went and found some dinner and a Music shop that was open late. I couldn’t help myself I brought some old music that I have been missing for years I am a CD and MP3 boy now and have no mechanism for playing tapes and dear I say it records that I own. Dire Straights (I think I originally brought this album in the form of a record), Howard Jones, Crowded House and Lighthouse family.

I listen to Dire Straights as I type. It’s been a while.

Today is a day off so I am off to explore this fine city in day light. I am hopefully going to con my way into a transport business with automated sorting (geeky logistics thing). I will I am sure buy some books and drink much coffee.

Book Review: 9 Things a Leader MUST DO – Dr Henry Cloud

9thingsThis is a follow on book from his book "Nine Things You Simply Must Do: To Succeed in Love and Life"

9 Things a leader must do is a smaller book and a good reminder. I think I enjoyed his first book more and the 9 things are basically the same, although they have different titles. I have included the titles from the first book in brackets. To me, they are simpler and easier to remember.

'9 Things a leader MUST DO' is an easy read, and covers most of the elements of the first book. If you are looking for a slightly more definitive, well sold approach I would start with "Nine Things You Simply Must Do: To Succeed in Love and Life"

The 9 things are:

  1. Excavate your soul (Dig it up)- Invest time into what you are passionate about
  2. Yank the Tooth (Pull the Tooth)- Do not allow negatives to take up space
  3. Play the Movie (Play the Movie)- Look to the future
  4. Put Superman out of a job (Do Something)- How can I make this better
  5. Embrace your inner insect (Act like an Ant) – take small steps in the right direction
  6. Earn a black belt in hate (Hate Well) – Hate the right things
  7. Forget about playing fair (Don't Play Fair)- Give back better than you are given
  8. Quit Self-Exaggerating (Be Humble)- Don't appear to be better than you are
  9. Ignore the Popularity Polls (Upset the right people) – Don't make decisions out of fear of people
9 Things a Leader MUST DO
Dr Henry Cloud


Pages 128
Readability 2 (1 = Easy, 5 = Hard)
Enjoyment 4 (1 = Never Read, 5 = Remarkable)
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