Stopping unintentionally

A few weeks ago three people, over the course of a week, reached out to ask why I wasn’t blogging? One example is from a young reader who private messaged me, “I was just wondering what happened with your blogs – I really enjoyed reading them” I looked back and saw I hadn’t blogged in … More Stopping unintentionally

178 | 365 Art

When your kids are 3 they are all artists. Regardless of how recognisable their drawing is we encourage them over and over again as they mass-produce their drawings and scribbles and … art.   By 10 many kids will realise that they don’t draw as well as other kids and by the late teens, you … More 178 | 365 Art

163 | 365 Bright Spots

I like this photo because of the way the sun fuses with the water to create bright spots that look like small liquid fireworks (without the risk of burning your house down).   Spent the last couple of days thinking about bright spots. Things that are working.   It’s been refreshing because by default I … More 163 | 365 Bright Spots

Ingenious Rating

I have decided to create an ingenious rating table that I can rate different businesses and ideas that I can see, against my meaning of Ingenious. Ingenious means providing remarkable and inventive and edgy and customer focused and stunning service. 5 = Ingenious 3 = Very Good 2 = Nice Try 1 = What were … More Ingenious Rating