Ideas PersonThe micro expressions on my face probably reacted negatively after hearing her proudly proclaim that “I’m an Ideas Person.” I’m not so much disagreeing that the person is an “ideas person”, rather I am reacting to the implicit meaning which is, “not everyone is an ideas person, and I am”.

Every person I have ever met has ideas.

Ideas come from what they know. Ideas are built on the things they are learning and the experiences they have had. I know a lot of people who don’t believe they are ideas people but they are. At some point they have said or thought things like;

  • This is stupid … we could …
  • If only I could … then …
  • I wonder if I did … if that would …

Now, some people are super smart and have more ideas than others and some ideas blow my mind (like the guys to decide to make 50 cent microscopes out of paper), however everyone is capable of new ideas.

The key of course is to be ever-increasing your experiences and knowledge.

If you are not learning, looking for new challenges, and seeking feedback. You will generate significantly fewer ideas.

When I struggle to have good ideas it is usually because I have no new input. I am not being adventurous, not reading, not watching videos or listening to new ideas. I am just existing. Without new input I’m not wiring my brain to think of new things.

New ideas it seems, lead to new ideas.