Be the change

Within most of us exists a longing to make a positive change in the world. We see news, meet people and experience things that make our stomachs churn to the point that we would love to make a difference.

We want to change the world, but instead we do nothing.

Why is that?

I wonder if it’s because we think the problem is too big and we have been taught to have an all or nothing approach. We are led to believe that in order to have an impact we need to change the whole world or fix the whole problem.

The truth is no one person can truly change the world and it’s unlikely you will either.

Maybe it’s time we stopped having “change the world” as our benchmark as it makes anything less feel small, insignificant and pointless.


You can make a difference in one person’s life.

You can radically change that person’s world.

You can. Yes you.

And you can do it today!

So the question is … Are we going to change the world or not?