Day182.jpgSomewhere between today and tomorrow I am halfway through project 365, which is taking a picture each day for 365 days.
Looking back and ahead, I think I would like to take more people shots because they show more of life than objects, or candles, or coffee drops. If I do this, it will take another level of discipline again because I will need to go looking for interesting people shots.
Speaking of interesting people, today I was online on Skype waiting for a call that never came, but then my friend Steve gave me a call.
The first thing Steve did was encourage me, it just rolls off his tongue honestly and naturally. He has this incredible ability to build people up and I am often reminded by Steve’s actions how important that is.
I’m reminded today that life is about people.
[182 | 365 – ‘Halfway #1’ – Steve the encourager and a reminder how much I love technology]