Authentic Community

Last Thursday after we got into the Fast 50, I took a few people from work out to dinner with me to celebrate. At the table was Hav who just has an immense passion for agóge; Rob jnr who has such a detail mind and who keeps so many things I hate doing on track; … More Authentic Community

Lost for words

We have all seen the Oscar's or MTV awards. Someone gets an award that they just didn't expect and end up babbling into the microphone about nothing. I have, in my own opinionated way, thought it was bizarre that these stars would speak publicly so badly. Anyway last Thursday a group of us went to … More Lost for words

Buying Time

I apply the brakes and decelerate for the booth ahead. An oldish graying lady slowly opens the booth window and greets me very pleasantly for 6am. Handing over a dollar coin is eventually followed by the barrier arm rising and my accelerating off down Route K towards Tauranga City. I am quite sure I it … More Buying Time

Failing 90% of the time

I read an interesting Scott Adams post today. In it he waxes lyrically for what feels like a day about all of his successes. Finally towards the end of what appears to be self-inflated dribble, he writes "To put all of this in context, and before you start to vomit at my bragging, I must … More Failing 90% of the time

Customer Expectations

How often do NZ Businesses and sales people deliver a completely different service to the customers expectation. Check out these images. (Hat tip to Mark Q)    

Serendipity …

[Sara]  Serendipity. It's one of my favorite words.[Jonathan]  It is? Why?[Sara]  It's such a nice sounding word for what it means: a fortunate accident. I don't really believe in accidents. I think fate is behind everything.[Jonathan]  Oh you do?… So everything is predestined, we don't have any choice at all?[Sara]  No, I think we make … More Serendipity …

Fly by Wire

Boarding your plane and taking a seat next to an Air NZ pilot wouldn't excite most of you, but it was one of the most interesting flights I have taken. I sat next to Trevor an Airbus A320 captain and pilot trainer as he was being repositioned back to Auckland. Trevor has been flying for … More Fly by Wire