“The story is told of the battle of the Midianites near Mt. Gilboa. Gideon, during his personal reconnaissance of the enemy, noticed that their sentries were nervous.

To create panic in the enemy lines, Gideon planned a night attack with a relatively small force. Each of his 300 men was issued a trumpet, a pitcher, and a torch. Convinced that the Lord was on his side, he gave the battle order. The men lit the torches, hid them in the pitchers, slung their trumpets, grasped their swords, and quietly went to predetermined positions.

When the Midianites changed their watch at midnight, Gideon gave his signal. His men blew their trumpets and waved their torches. In the resulting panic in the Midianite camp, tribe fought tribe while Gideon and his Israelites stood and watched. And thus the battle was won by the strategy of an observant commander who understood how to confuse the opponent.”

With some stretch here are some thoughts that could apply to business competition.

  • Personal reconnaissance gives the leader a feel for the right plan of attack, too often leaders don’t have a clue what is happening in the market place.
  • Gideon did not attack a larger army head on, rather maneuvered to their weakness.
  • He was clear on the actions required of his men. They all worked as a team.

Above all it comes down to using the right maneuver for the situation. He was mobile, flexible and superior at the critical point of attack.

Quote of “Sun Tzu – Strategies for Marketing”