I just needed to say that I love my kids so deeply. I don’t talk about them like that very often.

Kyla has the same love language was me. She loves to be held and cuddled. Last night I was lying on the couch, and she comes and lies on top of me. She does it all the time, things like that, will hold my hand when she is the passenger seat of my car, or have a cuddle with me everyday. Talia is not interested in that stuff but is so intelligent it blows my mind. It amazes me how different kids are…

Kyla and I were chatting away and I was telling her again that she is “going to achieve amazing things when she gets older”. This time she talked about being a police officer, and giving me speeding tickets (I think she has my sense of humour as well). I don’t care what my kids do, as long as they learn to ‘be’, because then they will be amazing people and achieve incredible things.

Anyway the point. I love them soooo much, and this brings heaps of questions… How do I continue to love them in action? How can I continue to input into their lives so that they achieve amazing things when they are older?