I have for a long time had this desire to write. The problem is I lack the self discipline to generate a book and to be honest the ideas that would make a good book

So I thought I would give blogging a go. I decided to call it 'Agoge meets Andrew' because Agoge means 'being'. It means more than just saying something, or telling others to do something, it means 'being what you say and teach'. I want to be true to the word Agoge, and true to the way I live my life. True to the company and people that make up agoge.com

My blog will be random, distracted thoughts by someone with a big personality and baggy pants. Well that's what some of my friends would say! I thought I would start what is effectively a journal in the real world. A journal that few people will read, if any. A journal that might just by default give some poor beggar an insight into what spins around in my brain on a daily basis. I also hope to teach myself to paint better word pictures to describe stuff. I am sure these will fail often. Sorry in advance.

In short I thought I would start shouting into the wind…