14 tips when applying for jobs from the business owner of a recruitment company

UPDATED: Feb 2019 While a lot of the below post still applies. Technology is changing how CVs and Data of Jobseekers is handled. I’ve written an updated post » 10 great tips when applying for jobs online!   ORIGINAL POST: Jan 2012 Having just spent an hour or two looking over applications for an internal … More 14 tips when applying for jobs from the business owner of a recruitment company

271 |365 Model Employee?

This is Puss in boots and one of my kids stuffed toys. You squeeze it and it says statements like “No problemo boss” “I thought you just said we were done doin things the stupid way” “You have engaged my valuable services” And appropriate for the day of the photo “I hate Mondays”

Generation Y

OK I admit it; I have been more than a little bit sceptical of the Generation Y buzz that has been around for the last few years. I have openly wondered if it is all just an excuse for a lack of discipline and hard work. To be honest I didn’t really understand the link … More Generation Y

Getting the best people

So you have a goal to build a strong employer brand. Great idea, but as you know that is easier said than done. How does a medium sized company in the transport and logistics industry compete for great people against what can be seen as more sexy and edgy industries? Well I am reading Jack … More Getting the best people

Failing 90% of the time

I read an interesting Scott Adams post today. In it he waxes lyrically for what feels like a day about all of his successes. Finally towards the end of what appears to be self-inflated dribble, he writes "To put all of this in context, and before you start to vomit at my bragging, I must … More Failing 90% of the time

Interview Questions

A timely reminder for people recruiting Drivers and Forklift operators. Juggler Interview Circus Manager: How long have you been juggling?Candidate: Oh, about six years. Manager: Can you handle three balls, four balls, and five balls?Candidate: Yes, yes, and yes. Manager: Do you work with flaming objects?Candidate: Sure. Manager: …knives, axes, open cigar boxes, floppy hats?Candidate: … More Interview Questions