How to get promoted!

“What did you do to get promoted?” she asked, hoping for a leadership gem.  “I got lucky” I said, knowing it wasn’t the whole answer. I had just been sharing about the period of my life where I went from being a courier to a senior manager in New Zealand’s largest courier company over a … More How to get promoted!

Letting Go

“You don’t understand,” I said partly in jest, “It has nothing to do with their fear of change. It’s ALL my own insecurities.” As soon as I heard the words leave my mouth, even though I was meaning them to bring humour, I knew they were true. I was trying to work out what my … More Letting Go

So the water that comes from the Well is not 100% pure?

Mid sentence Jim exhaled an audible groan and instantly we burst into uncontrolled laughter. The groan just reflected the thoughts echoing in our heads as we bounced, banged and rocked our way along the red clay road in a remote rural area of Cambodia. Our hosts were taking us, no, bouncing us to a village … More So the water that comes from the Well is not 100% pure?

What do you do?

Oh, what do I do? Well “I run a business that provides training and recruitment services to the transport and logistics industry”. This has been my answer in the past and it is fair to say that usually stops the conversation dead. (As it turns out transport is boring and most people have no idea what … More What do you do?