What do you do?

Oh, what do I do?

Well “I run a business that provides training and recruitment services to the transport and logistics industry”. This has been my answer in the past and it is fair to say that usually stops the conversation dead. (As it turns out transport is boring and most people have no idea what logistics is.)

At more social gatherings I have answered “oh, I buy and sell people for a living”, this kills the conversation just as quick but I do have the satisfaction of the priceless “wacko” expressions it generates.

Recently, as a part of my journey to be more outward, I decided to change the way I answer that question. I now say words to the effect of:

“I’m a Social Entrepreneur, I am involved in various businesses and charities for the purpose of enabling social change”. 

The reason I have changed what I say, is because I am passionate about more than just Agoge which is my day job. I am passionate about Agora, Good, CBC, WOL, and SIMP.  I am also passionate about family and friends and strangers because through all of them and in them I make a small social changes for the better in this world.

The implication: Generally when someone asks us “what we do?”, we answer with our job, when in reality we do so much more.

So, what do you do?