Learning to do

My daughters as a part of their reading development are both learning to infer the meaning of what the writer is saying. I guess inferring means reading between the lines to gain a better understanding. Over the years I hope to teach them the importance of finding the implication of what the writer is saying. … More Learning to do

Unspoken Expectations

We all have expectations of the people around us. We have an expectation that our spouse will do certain things. We have expectations on our kids, our bosses, our staff and even expectations on people we barely know. And when people don’t live up to our expectations we get annoyed, frustrated and even angry. This … More Unspoken Expectations

347|365 My Dad – A poem by Talia read at Fathers Day Service at CBC.

347|365 My Dad – A poem by Talia (8) written and read at Fathers Day Service at CBC. 'Have you ever seen a grey haired man walking down the street?  Perhaps in work clothes going to buy himself a treat? Well I have! Did he look… Awesome, Amazing, Friendly, Competitive, Comforting and Special? That’s my … More 347|365 My Dad – A poem by Talia read at Fathers Day Service at CBC.

277 | 365 Family Night

We have family night (meeting) on Sunday nights. As you can see from the photo the kids are 100% engaged the whole time and really enjoy the interaction and discussion that we have.

275 |365 – Confidence

Took J to his first school disco. He was eally shy and he reminded me of me. It was really interesting to watch him slowly build in confidence over the course of the night. I was thinking about how confidence often comes from experience. The more you do something, the more you push into areas … More 275 |365 – Confidence

236 |365 Smile

I took this photo while I was exasperating daughter. While the shot is random and not normal and partially blurry due to the light, I like the colours and effect.  Above all I love her smile and think its beautiful.   Pete Murray’s song, Smile, says ‘I have seen days When your smile goes on … More 236 |365 Smile

214|365 My 40th

An awesome 40th birthday with my wife and kids. Up at 5am for the ANZAC day dawn parade. It was a still misty poignant setting and a reminder that “freedom is never free”. Someone must always pay the price for freedom. In the evening we headed out to Raglan to watch the sun set on … More 214|365 My 40th