Explore anything anywhere anytimeWhen I was a kid, before you could ‘google maps’ the entire earth, I day dreamed of exploring the vast pacific ocean and discovering some distant new island.

Nowadays, explorers are mostly people from ages past, that we watch in documentaries, or read about in children’s books. I don’t know of any parents who want their kids to grow up being explorers.

But explorers is exactly what we should be.

Explorers are brave. Bold. Adventurous.

And to explore means to search. Scrutinize. Investigate. Discover.

Which means we can all choose to be explorers.

We still need explorers!

You & I have the opportunity every day, to discover something new.

We can explore new cultures by talking to a stranger. We can explore new foods. We can explore new neighbourhoods. We can explore new ideas.

We can explore anything.



If you are brave enough.

I'd love to hear your thoughts ∴ leave a comment...

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