Balloons over Waikato
I've chatted with Balloonists a few times. As we talk, it becomes evident how much they love Balloons. How passionate they are about them. How they long to be 'up up and away in my beautiful balloon'. Personally I've found ballooning to beautifully boring (its too slow), but I love to hear their conversation. When we talk about ballooning they are altogether different people.

I love to ask people what they are passionate about? It opens the hearts of people. It enables me to listen. To connect.

I love getting past the what our jobs are, or what we are studying, as if that defines us.

I love to hear the words "I'm passionate about…" … ballooning … music … animals … horses (hard to believe I know) … travel … different cultures … food … makeup … children … God … family … motorsport …

I love the conversation.

Its engaging.

Next time you meet someone, maybe even someone you have known for a long time, why not ask 'what are you passionate about?'

Then sit back. Listen. Engage.

And then, when you least expect it, you may find you meet an entirely different person.