I heard a podcast from Gallup the other day about exercise and how important it is to having energy and reducing stress. It reminded me in my relative state of sloth, what we all know, that exercise is good for us and is a vital part of our office bound lives.

So why do I run hot and cold on exercise?

Firstly, it’s because it doesn't make it to the top of my priority list. It's important but not that important. In my case it is not a lack of discipline, it is purely that I don't make it a priority.

Secondly, it’s because I don't really enjoy it. Lets be honest it is hard work. I have know desire to sit in a gym, get only mild enjoyment out of running, and can’t bike to work most days as I have NO desire to bike to meetings.

Finally, I like freedom. My calendar and commitments are such that no day is the same and so therefore exercising at the same time each day is impossible and a burden.

Yet! I know I need to exercise more.

So I am trying a new system. Not an original idea, but a system none the less. I have allocated points to various activities, based broadly on energy burn.

points per 10 mins

Biking 5

Walk 3

Jogging 7

Weights 3

I have set a goal of 50 points this week. So will have to do 1 hour 10 minutes running. or 2 hours 40 minutes walking. or 1 hour 40 minutes biking. or a combination of the three.

By setting a goal, hopefully I make it a priority. And by having flexibility hopefully I enjoy it and it fits my freedom mindset.

As always it is easier to write than do.