Te Rapa Dairy FactoryEvery year they move the Te Rapa dairy factory on the outskirts of Hamilton closer to the city. It’s a huge undertaking I know, and I never actually see how they do it, but the diary factory is now right on the city boundary.

When I first moved to Hamilton it would take ages to get to the dairy factory from Te Rapa, but now Te Rapa and the dairy factory are stones throw away from each other, rather than kilometres.

Around the same time that I moved to Hamilton, a property developer friend of mine said that cities in New Zealand grow to the north. Almost 15 years later he was proved very correct, the urban growth of Hamilton has all been to the North, and Te Rapa stretches further than ever towards the dairy factory.

Finally, this is one of those on the way home, must take a photo shots. A bit disappointing that my 300th photo was of the Te Rapa Dairy Factory, but that’s the way the 365 project rolls I guess.