Day197.jpgWe had a BMW X1 launch in the vacant lot across from us, and they set up a huge tent and Pumice catered it.
The next morning I wandered over and looked at the new car. It reminded me about needs and wants. I neither need nor want a BMW X1. Some people will even think they NEED an X1.
It’s interesting how our needs change the more money we have. A person living without clean water, probably sits in the 92% of the world that don’t have a car at all, let alone need one. Their needs are a lot more basic.
A solo mum in NZ, needs a cheap but reliable car. A businessman like me who travels a lot needs a safe comfortable car. A richer person with cash to spare needs a BMW X1 to enable their status.
What I NEED is more what I want, and is not a need at all.
Need is a word we use often.
A word we over use.
‘I need this’ usually means ‘I want this’. Not the other way round.