209|365 Leaving my mark

My signatures are funny things. For instance I have four scribbles I call a signature. I have my initials scribble, my ‘Andrew’ scribble, my general letter scribble and my bank scribble. The picture scribble is none of the above, but they are all different, all unreadable, but all my mark.   The use of signatures … More 209|365 Leaving my mark

202 | 365 Bachelor

Our house became progressively emptier over the last week. One of the kids headed to the grandparents last Wednesday, then the other two on Friday. On Monday Karina headed over to Tauranga for the night.   As the house emptied, the life of the house left. It was as though I had become a bachelor … More 202 | 365 Bachelor

200 | 365 Doing Good

On Sunday we heard first hand about incredible work of Rahab ministries in Thailand, and got to support them through the pink pigs. In Thailand young women, really young women are sold by their families to prostitution, often under false circumstances and with the lure of a better life, but sold nonetheless.   I can’t … More 200 | 365 Doing Good

192 | 365 Waikino Kilns

Two mammoth reminders from our visit to the mining battery ruins of at Waikino with the kids.   #1 ‘At school I don’t like history and feel like falling asleep’. Our kids really got a kick out of the personalised guided tour by a couple of retired volunteers. They enjoyed seeing and touching and experiencing. … More 192 | 365 Waikino Kilns

189 | 365 In Awe

For as far as the eye could see low bulbous cloud covered the country and out beyond the sea to the horizon. The sun creeps up to the skyline as the earths revolution enables the break of a new day. The darkness of the night sky fades to blue then to burning bright yellows that … More 189 | 365 In Awe