Day173.jpgThe social life of a ping-pong ball sounds like an interesting thing to write about. After all ping-pong balls do get around.
When they are moving, they move at pace. With a bit of spin they are reasonably hard to predict. There are even different classes of ping-pong ball, high-performance down to functional but breakable.
My third form Tech Drawing teacher used to make us write 250 words about the social life of a ping-pong ball and share it with the class. This was his form of punishment, and it’s worthy of note that the following year he left teaching to be a funeral director.
Anyway, the moral of this post, “Ping-pong balls don’t have social lives.”
[Thanks to Stas and Sam Kelsen for their help in the taking of this photo. I like the way it streaks, but the ball is still in focus.]