Day153.jpgDid a lot of thinking about the word ‘good’ today. Good is such a generic and possibly overused word. In some circumstances it is a powerful word (He was a good man), in other situations it is somewhat non-descript (I’m good thanks).

It can be a virtuous word, a respectable word, an excellent and moral word.
I was at the beach enjoying a good coffee with Jim today and several guys came up the rocks where they had been diving. They had a good catch of Mussels and Kina. This is a good shot of the mussels arranged on the boardwalk. They are a good size and I’m sure they will taste good. As we walked away a fisheries officer turned up. He did a good job of connecting with the divers. I hope the divers were good and hadn’t exceeded the quota.
Good is an interesting word indeed.

153 | 365 – It is Good