I think I do…

Imagine you’re at a wedding and the Minister asks the Groom. “Will you take Jane to be your wife?” and then the Groom responds, “I think I do”.

To that question there is only one correct answer. One of action. “I do!”

How many people do you know, that know the right thing to do? They could fix the process, eliminate the stress, mend the relationship, change the world and yet do nothing.

Doesn’t it really bug you when other people don’t take action and just complain about the problem. It is so flippin annoying.

Yes flippin I say!

The problem is not that they don’t think, but that they don’t do. Why cant they just get on and do something. Anything. Now!

Why do some people have all the knowledge I ask myself, and yet do nothing?

Why? In a John Campbell voice.

Clearly, I have decided, there are two kinds of people. “I think” people whom think and never do. And “I do” people who actually make things happen.

Two kinds of people.

And for the record “I think” people really flippin bug me!

So with that in mind which one are you?

                                                   Unfortunately …

           I am both …        and I flippin bug myself.