For some reason I really like the provocative nature of this word. Its a funny word because said in the right situation with the right amount of, well, passion; you can actually make grown men flinch.

Noticeably flinch!

The America Heritage Dictionary says that it is slang for HIGHLY appealing or interesting.

For me, sexy is a great way to describe the need to build a brand that is fun, fascinating, fanatical, and edgy.

It encapsulates, and provokes, a dynamic that I would like every organization and industry I work with to have. That is, that they become HIGHLY appealing.

That they become interesting.

That they become sexy.

The problem with sexy is that it is hard to catch if you don’t have it.

You have to      c  h  a  s  e     i  t  .  .  .

And sometimes when you get it, it was not what you wanted. Just ask Don Rabbit.

[NB I think this is a post about being appealing, just in case you wondered]