It is interesting as I look back over my life how many leaders I learnt from:

  • From Glyn I learnt a habit of purposefully saying Good Morning.
  • From Dave I learnt the importance of structured sales calls.
  • From Jeff I learnt heaps about strategic thought.
  • From Bruce I learnt about the importance of process and detail.
  • From Jim I learnt to think outside of the things I already know.

There are also a number of leaders who inflated into their roles, whose ego was more important than the people they lead. From them I learnt what not to be.

I would often have disagreements with my bosses. But if they made a decision I would generally do my level best to support them and own the decision like it was my own. I can think of a couple of examples where I didn’t and I learnt less and annoyed the crap out of my boss along the way.

I would not be the person I am today if it were not for these men and many many others inside and outside of the business world.

It stands to reason then, that to become a leader you must first become a follower.

A great follower.

A point understood by those who grow, a point lost on those who inflate.